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Parking Lots

Comp 1_1.gif


The Dot

 photo SeanHernandez_dot_zpskjnxuqcp.gif

Slips and tangles

Here are some Collages I made earlier this year.

 photo SeanHernandez_collage4_zps763b4343.png
 photo SeanHernandez_collage2_zps2204e2a3.png
 photo SeanHernandez_collage3png_zps6289feb0.png
 photo SeanHernandez_collage1_zps327ba4d2.png

New Illustrations

 photo SeanHernandez_Rats_zpsf416f8a4.jpg“Vanitas” 2014
 photo AbstractCityScape_zpsa8673553.jpg

“Looking Backward” 2014

Butter Elbow 3

Hey friends I just made the poster for the 2014 Chicago Butter Elbow Animation Festival. If you are a Chicagoan please check this out. Vicky Wei-Hsuan Yen curated a amazing line up this year!

 photo ButterElbow_SeanHernandezlowres_zpsb1862063.png

Gurley Tans

Printed from the heart, I just finished some branding for a California based beauty company. These photos show the illustration  from concept to completion.

 photo Gurley_zpsb05fb23c.png
 photo Card_zps807e6fe4.jpg
 photo Shirt_zps38278423.jpg

New Poster

 photo COLORCARD_zps6622e2b6.jpg

dias de las muertos

 photo Skull_zpsef6c2f69.gif
 photo SeanHernandez_skull_zps54966e9e.png


soon to be screen print.


 photo Cat_Sean_Hernandez1_zpsf040d85a.jpg

Demo reel 2014